Syksyksi uuteen projektiin? Haemme full stack -kehittäjiä, arkkitehteja ja koodaavia scrum mastereita!

Haemme isoa määrä tekijöitä syyskuussa alkavaan projektiin, jossa pääsisi tekemään kansallisen tason palveluita modernissa ja ketterässä monitoimittajaympäristössä.

new gear

Leveling up!

We are growing and have now entered stage 3 in our game plan. In other words, we are now level 3 Mavericks. What were the previous levels? Let’s recap!

Ownership Workshop

As most of our employees are also owners, we decided to start defining our ownership strategy. What does it mean to be an owner? Is there something else to it than potential dividends and share value increase?

The Faces of Mavericks: Marno Kulmala

Urallaan lempinimellä Javasaurus tunnettu Marno on paiskinut hommia niin puolustusteollisuudelle, pankeille, telecon-sektorille, julkishallinnolle kuin paperitehtaalle. Mavericksin Marno valitsi vapauden takia.

The Faces of Mavericks: Simo-Pekka Aalto

Simo-Pekka on senior mobiilikehittäjä, joka kaipasi vapautta työelämäänsä. Mavericks tuntui vastaavan tarpeeseen hyvin, ja Simosta tulikin 1. Maverick.

Aleksei mavericks

The Faces of Mavericks: Aleksei Glazyrin

Aleksei is an experienced Android developer who enjoys team leading and photography. He’s also curious to try out new things, like Mavericks and woodwork!

mavericks ville valta

The Faces of Mavericks: Ville Valta

Ville on arkisin mobiilisovelluskehittäjä ja viikonloppuisin pienelektroniikka mehustelija. Lue blogistamme, miten Android-Maverickimme on viihtynyt!

mavericks peter lehtonen

The Faces of Mavericks: Petteri Lehtonen

Petteri Lehtonen on senior full stack kehittäjä, joka kiinnostui Mavericksin pallomerettömästä, aikuismaisesta työkulttuurista.

The Faces of Mavericks: Kamil Janowski

Kamil is a Software Developer who joined Mavericks to gain the benefits of freelancing. How’s working at a new consultancy treating him? Read to find out.

Post-Holiday Fever

Well-deserved holidays are behind us. Before leaving for holidays, we managed to sign 2 new consultants – Ville and Kamil are both starting in August and will be working in the same client. Not that we stayed idle over the holidays, either – starting July 1st, 2019, Mavericks Software Oy has been an operational, standalone company, with all relevant assets and people transferred from Talented. So exciting and quite a lot of administration!

Finland is slowly waking up again business-wise. We are seeing movement in opportunities introduced before July, and a  steady flow of new opportunities almost every day. In consulting, and business in general here in Finland, there are two high seasons: Late Dec – Late Jan when unspent budgets need to be spent and new budgets are released. The second is after two months of summer idling, when finally everyone is back from holidays and actually ready to do something at work.

With a healty sales pipeline and steady flow of soon-would-be-mavericks, my estimate is that we’d be around 12-14 altogether by the end of this year. That would mean growth of 1100-1300% in personnel, not too bad for the first year 🙂

Now would be an excellent time to think about joining us. Besides competitive salary and extreme flexibility we are offering our employees a chance to become an owner. The initial valuation will be extremely low – a bargain now for something that might become surprisingly valuable in the future! Do you have what it takes to become the next maverick?