2021 askelmerkit

Mielenkiintoinen vuosi 2020 takana, ja sitäkin jännempi edessä! Minkälaisia tavoitteita olemme valinneet vuodelle 2021? Lue lisää!

Janne Jokitalo

The Faces of Mavericks: Janne Jokitalo

Janne on kokenut softa-alan konkari ja moniosaaja. Jannen selkeys ja rauhallisuus tuovat vakautta koko tiimiin. Mutta kuka Janne oikeastaan on ja miten hän päätyi Mavericksille?

2 years of Mavericks and why we’re here!

LinkedIn kindly reminded me of my 2nd work anniversary this week. A lot has happened and is happening with Mavericks continuously. In my previous post I summarized our road up to last spring and was genuinely excited about how well we were doing. Well, we kind of kicked in yet another gear and, most importantly, have survived the market situation virtually unscathed and our bench time has been flat 0 hours since the beginning of June!

Our current amount of employees signed is 29. 26 are consultants and our back office team took yet another step forward when Anjuli joined our team as people and growth manager! At the current rate we’ll be way past 200% growth in head count this year.

Why is it that we’re growing so fast? I believe the answer is simple: great market position.

  1. Our value proposal works well for adults. What is motivating for people in their high 20’s is often different from that of people in their high 30’s. What we offer seems to work quite well for mature people.
  2. Market prices for software consulting haven’t increased in at least 10 years in Finland. In fact, thanks to Coronavirus, they are down by 10-15% now. Salaries, on the other hand, have been on the rise for a long time. That has created tension within fixed salary -based consultancies and has resulted in demand for alternative models where revenue is shared more evenly between the company and its experts.
  3. Digitalization is proceeding. There is more and more demand for skilled consultants. Companies are quite aware of what they want to achieve and oftentimes are able to run the show, too. We just provide them with means of achieving their goals. So, in other words, our market is growing.
  4. We honestly seem to have an excellent market fit in terms of price and quality. We’ve proven this many times over now both with our partners and in public tenders.
  5. Our clients appreciate the fact that 70-75% of what they pay for a consultant is directed directly to the consultant’s compensation. Nice to know the money is spent where it belongs, not in some greedy external owners’ pockets or in financing random product adventures.

Disagree? Please feel free to contact me on Linkedin / email / phone. I’d also be extremely interested in discussion around employee compensation, building an equal place to work, different business models for building software consultancies etc.

COMPANIES: Interested in happy, skilled professionals with reasonable prices? Check out our services and contact us!

DEVELOPERS: Want to join us? Get in touch!

The Faces of Mavericks: Marko Pukari

Marko Pukari on Mavericksin ikioma Java-klonkku, joka ammattiurheilun ja coachaamisen ohella koodaa tiensä asiakkaan kuin asiakkaan sydämeen. Tämä huippukaveri on tunnettu innostavana ja innostuneena kollegana, joka omistautuu tekemiseen täysillä! Marko pitää Mavericksin kompensaatiomallista, sillä se osoittaa luottamusta tekijöihin ja tuo vapauden tehdä omalla ajalla juuri sitä, mikä itselle on tärkeintä.

Syksyksi uuteen projektiin? Haemme full stack -kehittäjiä, arkkitehteja ja koodaavia scrum mastereita!

Haemme isoa määrä tekijöitä syyskuussa alkavaan projektiin, jossa pääsisi tekemään kansallisen tason palveluita modernissa ja ketterässä monitoimittajaympäristössä.

new gear

Leveling up!

We are growing and have now entered stage 3 in our game plan. In other words, we are now level 3 Mavericks. What were the previous levels? Let’s recap!

Ownership Workshop

As most of our employees are also owners, we decided to start defining our ownership strategy. What does it mean to be an owner? Is there something else to it than potential dividends and share value increase?

The Faces of Mavericks: Marno Kulmala

Urallaan lempinimellä Javasaurus tunnettu Marno on paiskinut hommia niin puolustusteollisuudelle, pankeille, telecon-sektorille, julkishallinnolle kuin paperitehtaalle. Mavericksin Marno valitsi vapauden takia.

The Faces of Mavericks: Simo-Pekka Aalto

Simo-Pekka on senior mobiilikehittäjä, joka kaipasi vapautta työelämäänsä. Mavericks tuntui vastaavan tarpeeseen hyvin, ja Simosta tulikin 1. Maverick.

mavericks ville valta

The Faces of Mavericks: Ville Valta

Ville on arkisin mobiilisovelluskehittäjä ja viikonloppuisin pienelektroniikka mehustelija. Lue blogistamme, miten Android-Maverickimme on viihtynyt!