The Faces of Mavericks: Katja Rautiainen, Sales

Katja Rautiainen is the Customer and Talent Success Manager at Mavericks. This key role is to ensure clients get top-notch software consultants to their projects and that Mavericks’ consultants are happy in their projects. Bubbly Katja says she loves her job as she has got full autonomy over her work and learning is constant. Read on to find out more about Katja and her job!

What’s your professional background like?

I have worked in sales and customer service since I was 16. My first touch with the IT industry was when I worked amidst online chats and chatbots, and now I get to utilize all of my expertise as a matchmaker between Mavericks’ clients and software consultants!

What does your role entail?

When a new consultant is hired to Mavericks, I take them under my wing and help them find their first project. We first go through the process and their wishes for the project together, after which I start looking for the best project match for them.

My role involves lots and lots of communication. I organize everything between the customers and our consultants: introducing clients and consultants to each other, scheduling interviews, and  preparing contracts. Moreover, I make sure everything is going smoothly and that our consultants are happy in their projects. When it’s time to rotate to a new project, I’m the gal for the job!

What kind of projects are there?

At Mavericks consultants get to choose their projects. My team – the sales team – sources interesting projects for consultants, and we have on average 100 gigs to choose from every month. Clients vary from large to small companies, and are located both in Finland and increasingly abroad, too.

What are your best skills and abilities that help you succeed in your role?

I’ve worked with people for my entire career, and I really enjoy it! My genuine will to help and great social skills help me succeed in my job, and I’m also a team player at heart.

What do you like to do outside work?

I like to spend time with my loved ones and exercise – gym, yoga, jogging, padel, you name it – in my free time. However, everyone who knows me also knows that I’m the biggest couch potato and will not refuse a movie and good food combo. I do love food, both cooking and eating! Moreover, I’m so excited that the world is opening again as traveling is very close to my heart. During the past six months I’ve already visited three countries, and can’t wait to travel more!

What got you interested in Mavericks?

My colleague of that time recommended Mavericks and got me convinced. After the job interview, I was sure I wanted to join the company.  I’ve worked at Mavericks for a year and a half now, and I absolutely mean it when I say that I love my job! Mavericks trusts its employees, and there’s no micromanagement. The autonomy we have over our work is just unbelievably great.

What I like about my job is that every day is different, which keeps the work interesting. Moreover, I get to learn constantly as Mavericks is growing fast and expanding operations in Finland and abroad. I also adore my coworkers who are always eager to help, as our job isn’t always easy. It’s the best feeling when you get to tell the team good news! My team works towards the same goal – finding great projects for our consultants –  and as everyone’s involved in the process we always celebrate success as a team!


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