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Software developers, especially the talented, senior ones, are sparsely available. Mavericks provides you the best software developers cost efficiently and flexibly. We offer our top talents as individual consultants so that you know exactly what you’d be getting.

Top talent

We hire only the best, there are no juniors. All of our consultants are capable of adding expertise to your team from the get-go.

Cost efficiency

Without organizational overhead your money is spent on rewarding the consultant. From us, you get premium quality with competitive price.

Common goal

Our consultants share common goal with you - provide the best value for your investment. That is embedded in the DNA of how our business works.

Reduced turnover

Our consultants get rewarded for doing customer work. That's why they are extremely motivated to stay on the projects, and as our customer you have direct means of influencing that motivation.

Our consultants are focused in professional customer work and we reward them generously and transparently. Thanks to our commission-based salary model our consultants are extremely motivated to focus all their efforts in what matters most to our customers.

As digitalization is changing all industries, we acknowledge that companies grow more and more mature in how they purchase software. We are happy to see companies take development initiative in their own hands, leading the development themselves instead of buying turnkey solutions from companies that come from outside the business domain. With our business model we can find and motivate such companies the experts needed to realize the digitalization plans. Our consultants can generally work in any technical role needed in modern software development projects.

Mavericks is a subsidiary of Talented. Together with Talented we have more than a hundred customers and a growing team of over 100 consultants constantly working in their projects.

Interested? Please let us know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to help you find it!

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