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Mavericks is the end game for senior developers. In our business, only the best survive. All mavericks have long track records of delivering successful software projects in various domains. Besides exceptional technical skills, every maverick is more than capable of working closely with our customer independently. We just provide a platform for them to flourish. Would you have what it takes to be the next maverick?

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Our salary model is fully transparent. 70% of what you bring in is spent on your salary, minimum being 3000€ per month. Hour price varies per project. Salary model breakdown is here.

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160 h/mo

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Best Value for Money

Our organization is lean and the money goes to our consultants, so our customers really get the best bang for their buck. Why would anyone pay premium price for a senior developer when you could pay reasonable price for a maverick? Top developers are much more productive than average ones and we don't spend our customer's money in crazy design offices and extravagant lifestyle. We spend what we get in where it matters the most - our consultants.

Why Mavericks

Besides the best compensation in the market, this is how we're different

Top Projects for Top Talents

Through our partners we have an exceptional amount of potential clients and projects. We collaborate with Finland's top software consultancies to find the best projects and teams for our consultants to work in.

Fat-free Organization

We want to spend our revenue in rewarding those who work for it. Each and every one of us is a consultant. We have no pure administration and will avoid hiring any for as long as possible. We don't want to spend our money on a palace, either.

Adult Environment

We value our free time as much as we value our work. Swings, sandpits and nerf guns all have their places but this isn't it. We are all adults and each choose how we want to spend our free time. When we are at work, we focus all our efforts in making this the best place to do work.

No Salary Discussions

Our salary model is the same for everyone. We laugh at big corporation's announcements about their salary equality. The better you are, the better your market price will be. How else should it be?


We are constantly looking for top IT professionals. Here are a few samples of what we are looking for.

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