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Mavericks is a new kind of software consultancy, built together with Talented. At the center of the concept is a simple, transparent and fair business model that is shaking the foundations of Finnish IT Consulting.

Software companies are doing great, are you?

There’s a chronic demand for talented software developers and pressure on both prices and salaries is growing. Many companies are investing in fantastic adult playgrounds they call offices and load them with exotic goods and beverages. How is that affecting life of the most senior developers?

There is more work, but that is done mostly at client premises. Any excess time is spent helping with recruiting, sales or “company culture”. Sales people paint the customers visions of castles in the clouds that you will then have deliver. Developers are told they get to choose their projects but at the same time everyone is ranting about invoicing rates and how it is everyone’s responsibility to keep them high to support heavy cost structure.

Developers care about salary

Over the past years there has been a lot of discussion about developer salaries. Wild figures and speculations have been thrown around and public media is cultivating the discussion. Developers were looking for a good place where they could optimize their own salary without the risk and effort of being an entrepreneur. Mavericks was born to fill that specific need.

Let’s raise the salaries or arrange more time with friends and family. We want to build something that has consultants written all over its DNA. We don’t have anyone to say who should earn this and who not. We believe everyone should be equal. It can’t be that hard, can it?

What we are building is an environment where everyone knows exactly what they bring into the company. We all understand that the company needs a certain share of the revenue in order to provide services for its employees, but majority is spent directly in salaries. Our consultants want be their own judge of how to spend their earnings – and time. When we work, we focus in client work that earns us a good pay so that more time is available for outside work activities. Want to downscale your work without downscaling your earnings? You can do that here. Not interested in hanging out at the office even though you don’t have anything intelligible to do? You don’t have to.

Choose your own projects

Through our partner Talented we have a huge amount of potential consulting opportunities open at any time. Our consultants can take their time finding the next good project without immense pressure. Price is the additional dimension we provide for project selection – should you take the one with better compensation, or the one with more interesting tech stack? You can decide.

The same liberty is extended to personal development. Guided by our extensive view to the market, you can be your own judge of which skills you should develop when able – if you want to.

We succeed with good team and networking

As a father of small children I’m not too big of a risk taker, so how can we ensure we succeed? First of all we need a good team of marinated IT-consultants. It is important that we don’t have to go to lengths in explaining what we can do – we are the ones who can and everyone can see it. At the moment the demand is highest for full stack developers who know modern techs. Javascript is currently part of almost everything, so it is good to know your libraries. In addition it would be good if you had a hunch what’s coming just behind the corner. Sometimes in our project you get to work with pipelines and it’s best if you know your way around modern cloud environments as well.

Once we have a great team – and we’re already a good way down the road – the next challenge is to find great customers. That’s where our superior competitive advantage kicks in: Our close partner Talented already has more than 140 customers and through them, an immense amount of potential projects. This way we have reach to multiple ecosystems – I daresay the most in Finland.

I’m excited and I hope you are too

We’re on our way to the stars and I hope you’ll join us. You’ll get excellent compensation for your troubles, and I promise you I’ll do my best to make sure this is the best platform for you. If you join in early enough, it is possible to become an owner. After all, I want everyone to be as dedicated as I am to building Mavericks a true success story for everyone involved.

Want to join us to build something extraordinary?Leave your contact info and we’ll talk more!

Best Regards,
Jouni Jaakkola
CEO, Mavericks

Meet us

Kalle Järveläinen

Kallella on useamman vuoden kokemus suunnittelusta ihan ylemmän tason strategian suunnittelusta graafisten yksityiskohtien suunnitteluun. Lue lisää siitä, mitä Kalle puuhastelee vapaa-ajalla ja miksi hän liittyi Mavericksiin!

picture of Hiski Valli

Hiski on full stack kehittäjä 14 vuoden ja monen erilaisen projektin kokemuksella. Ekstrovertti ja aktiivinen Hiski luo myös mahtavaa tiimihenkeä Mavericksille. Hän viihtyy Mavericksillä erinomaisesti muunmuassa autonomisuuden ja palkkamallin vuoksi! Lue lisää Hiski Vallista.

Janne Jokitalo

Janne on kokenut softa-alan konkari ja moniosaaja. Jannen selkeys ja rauhallisuus tuovat vakautta koko tiimiin. Mutta kuka Janne oikeastaan on ja miten hän päätyi Mavericksille?

Marko Pukari

Marko Pukari on Mavericksin ikioma Java-klonkku, joka ammattiurheilun ja coachaamisen ohella koodaa tiensä asiakkaan kuin asiakkaan sydämeen. Tämä huippukaveri on tunnettu innostavana ja innostuneena kollegana, joka omistautuu tekemiseen täysillä! Marko pitää Mavericksin kompensaatiomallista, sillä se osoittaa luottamusta tekijöihin ja tuo vapauden tehdä omalla ajalla juuri sitä, mikä itselle on tärkeintä.


Urallaan lempinimellä Javasaurus tunnettu Marno on paiskinut hommia niin puolustusteollisuudelle, pankeille, telecon-sektorille, julkishallinnolle kuin paperitehtaalle. Mavericksin Marno valitsi vapauden takia.


Simo-Pekka on senior mobiilikehittäjä, joka kaipasi vapautta työelämäänsä. Mavericks tuntui vastaavan tarpeeseen hyvin, ja Simosta tulikin 1. Maverick.

mavericks ville valta

Ville on arkisin mobiilisovelluskehittäjä ja viikonloppuisin pienelektroniikka mehustelija. Lue blogistamme, miten Android-Maverickimme on viihtynyt!

mavericks peter lehtonen

Petteri Lehtonen on senior full stack kehittäjä, joka kiinnostui Mavericksin pallomerettömästä, aikuismaisesta työkulttuurista.


Kamil is a Software Developer who joined Mavericks to gain the benefits of freelancing. How’s working at a new consultancy treating him? Read to find out.

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