We are constantly looking for all kinds of top IT professionals. For all individual Mavericks, we’ll find a project that fits their skill set and interests. No commitment before we have found you a project that makes you go bananas.

Below you can see some of what we’re looking for, but if you’re good at what you do and have a proven track record, we would like to hear from you. Regardless of your tech preference.

Full Stack Developer

We're looking for experienced full-stack developers to join our pack and to build world-class digital products for our clients. At Mavericks, you get to choose your projects which are built with modern technologies and methods. You will work closely with the customer and your teammates, and you'll see the results of your work in daily-basis.

If you have a nice track-record, several years of work experience, ability to learn new technologies fast and you master both front- and back-end, we'd like to hear from you.


Cloud Architect

Wanted: Cloud Architect with the capability to contribute to the backend code. We expect you to know what true high availability means and to have several years of relevant work experience. If that resonates to you, we'll be in Cloud 9 if we get to work with you!


Devops Specialist

We’re looking to strengthen the pack with someone who is specialized in building software development’s deployment pipelines. If you feel that there’s nothing more to automatize in your life, you want to make things happen, you’re irritated about bureaucracy, and the only thing you haven’t yet integrated is the society, we’d love to have you in our team.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of roles/projects do you have available?

Short Answer: Any

Long Answer: Our core business is to provide senior experts as consultants to our customers’ teams and projects. As our customers include, in addition to direct customers, most major software consultancies, the range of potential projects, customers, domains and techs is mind blowing. Here’s an attempt to generalize a typical project where our consultant would work:

You are building a web app or mobile app as part of a larger team, consisting of mainly senior consultants working mostly from customer premises. The customer is quite big and they have a skilled PO running the show. The service runs in AWS/GCP/Azure and has modern architecture built with at least some of the following: Java/Scala/Clojure/Python/Node/React/RN/Kotlin/Swift. Your role would have to do with cloud architecture / devops / development, sometimes leading the show but always hands-on.

Then again, you might be building something embedded for instance. You never know 🙂

How long are your projects?

We are looking for full time assignments with presumed duration of at least 6 months.

How much salary will I get

Baseline 3000/month, but on average our consultants get around 6500-8000/month when on project. Full breakdown of our salary model can be found in

What happens if my project ends?

Typically we know well beforehand when a consultant’s assignment would be ending and it gives us plenty of time to look for a new assignment, making the transition as seamless as possible. If you would be benched for a while, we still pay you our minimum salary of 3000e / month. That time you can dedicate for self development and taking care of yourself. Meanwhile you will have the whole company’s support in finding you a new project of your liking.

How can I get on board?

We want to make sure you get off to an optimal start so we find you the first project before you start:

  1. We make a rockstar consultant CV with you. Usually we make it anonymous at this point.
  2. Based on your preferences, we look for a suitable projects for you. Once we get contact requests, we ask for your permission before we share your contact details.
  3. You go to a meeting where you learn more about the project, and the project team learns more about you.
  4. If everyone is happy, and only then, we sign the job contract.

This process takes a little while but it allows you to get the best possible visibility to your upcoming career as a Maverick.

I'm an excellent HR/Finance/Marketing/Sales expert. Are you looking to hire?

We’re not looking to grow our fat layer now. That being said, feel free to approach us with a clear value proposition and vision that we cannot refuse.

What do the Mavericks Say?

Let's hear it from the consultants themselves

It just works

Via Mavericks I found a great project with the salary I wanted, no bs involved in the process. What’s there not to like?

Simo-Pekka Aalto

Mobile Maverick

Freedom and convenience

Mavericks is easy to like – it is a perfect balance between responsibility and independence. Here I can enjoy freelancer-like freedom and compensation without worrying about getting projects, customers, or managing my own business.

Juho Enala

Pythonista Maverick

Found a great project right away

The compensation is great but what really made an impact on me, was that everything from the first interview to getting the gig went really smoothly! Mavericks had a lot of gig options for me and kept me up to date constantly - and here I am!

Marno Kulmala


Contact us

Direct Contact

Jouni Jaakkola
+358 40 664 5444