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Happy Software Consultants, Successful Company

Mavericks was founded with one, clear objective: To create an extremely attractive place to work for experienced developers who like working as consultants. We trusted that if you can attract talent, the customers will come to you and exactly that has happened. Mavericks has grown from 11 to 80 employees in just two years, making us so far one of the fastest growing software consultancies in the history of Finland.

Apart from attracting huge amounts of experienced people, we have also managed to deliver on our initial objective: 9/10 would recommend Mavericks as an employer for friends and or former colleagues. What is it that makes us tick, then?

Simplicity Brings Clarity

First of all, the whole company was born to an identified need in the talent market and we have always had a clear target group of people that we are looking to hire. Thanks to our simple business model, it is very easy to be honest when hiring. You see, we are very efficient in communicating what Mavericks is and isn’t. This isn’t for everyone, but the people who buy into what we do join us for the exactly right reasons. For them, Mavericks is exactly what they thought it would be. That’s the biggest reason for our consultants being happy.

Consultants First

Going deeper in the analysis, our consultants first -mentality is reflected strongly in our daily work. Every decision we make is justified to everyone and we rarely do anything that wouldn’t benefit our employees. All consultants have equal opportunity to participate in all relevant decision making when it comes to how Mavericks operates.

In the heart of Mavericks is of course the fairest salary model in the market that also happens to lead to quite extreme salary equality. Thanks to our simple business we’re very good at keeping things transparent and – well, simple. Simplicity also helps us retain the culture of a small company as long as everyone understands what we do and why.

Relevant Projects

For our consultants the most important thing is usually the projects we can offer them. We are extremely well connected to the markets and can offer a huge variety of interesting projects, both domestic and international. Even more importantly we offer our consultants the freedom of choice: everyone gets to choose whether they want a particular project or not. We’ve also extended our transparency to our sales pipeline, offering all consultants timely market data and equal view to our project opportunities.

Best of Two Worlds

Mavericks has quite successfully combined the best parts of freelancing and employment. We offer well above market salary and the freedom of a freelancer, meaning that our consultants can choose how and how much they work. For those who want, there’s also the liberty of a freelancer to just concentrate on customer work, nothing else. On the other hand, for those who want it, we do offer a community of professionals to interact with.

Our sales team’s sole purpose is to find great projects for our consultants, in collaboration with the consultants. Other perks of employment include regular paid vacations and sick leaves (based on average salary), extensive healthcare services, top of the line equipment and the support of our admin team.


To sum it all up, we have a clear business model that we can easily communicate, very attractive salary model and we treat our consultants as they were the most important thing in the company – because they are. 


Mavericks is the go-to software consultancy for the top of their field software professionals who want to get the best of two worlds: The salary level and freedom of a freelancer and the safety net and sales machinery of a consultancy. We are constantly looking for new team members – are you the next Maverick?