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Top 3 things that frustrate software consultants

Did you know that developers in the Northern Europe are the happiest in the world? That’s great! But which factors then make developers unhappy? We asked our software consultants why they have switched jobs or left a company in the past. Here is a list of what to avoid to excel and keep consultants motivated to give their absolute best. S’il vous plaît!

Low compensation

Money motivates. Period. The best developers get dozens of contacts per day, making them extremely aware of their market value and therefore the compensation needs to be just right. When switching jobs, money is usually the only concrete influential factor for making the effort.

From the client perspective, the hourly rate has a direct impact on the developer’s compensation: raising the price makes it easier to find the best developers for projects and consequently engage them to clients’ needs. 

Mavericks’ medicine

For us it was clear from the start that our unique selling point for consultants would be tied to the most motivating compensation model in the industry. The average salary for a Mavericks software consultant is around €7,200 per month, well above the market average. On the other hand, clients value the fact that 70-75% of what they pay is directed into the consultants’ pockets. This way the clients have the opportunity to not only get the best talent but also be aware of how their money is spent. 

Boring and meaningless projects without purpose

Developers are often drawn to greenfield and societally significant projects. The more meaningful the project is for the client’s business or for the society, at its best, the better. The footprint of their work truly matters for software professionals, so ensure that the value of their work is visible by keeping the projects’ success metrics transparent. Meaningful and successful work is one of the key factors from motivational perspective for all of us, right?  

Developers want to constantly learn new and develop professionally, and creating something totally new often offers more challenges than refreshing the old. That’s why e.g greenfield projects are so tempting. Focusing on the same project for a few years can easily lead to losing the touch with what is happening in the market. In other words, things have to remain interesting and challenging enough to feed developers’ appetite.

If you lose developers’ interest, you are more likely to lose them to the competitors. The other way around, you have a better chance of having the best talents working with you on future projects if they have experienced doing relevant work after completing a project. 

Mavericks’ medicine

Since we have extremely experienced software consultants with versatile skill sets, we have earned the trust of brands and projects that consultants dream of. Our consultants have worked on 121 project assignments in three different continents. Private and public sector, fintech, telecom, media, gaming, retail – startups and big corporations, services for millions of users and for select few. Based on feedback they value that they have the freedom to choose the projects that interest them the most and take them closer to their personal goals.

Poor management 

Micromanagement is a swear word. By giving autonomy, developers get the freedom to choose how, where and when they work. In our experience, freedom also improves efficiency and creativity by bringing their most effective solutions to the table when solving sophisticated problems. Being efficient does not need eyes watching over shoulders. 

Secondly, our developers are ambitious people who look for personal and career growth. The opportunity to climb career ladders or conquer new fields to keep them involved. If you try to tie them in, no doubt, they will look for change elsewhere.

Thirdly, consultants value a culture of appreciation. Who wouldn’t want to be recognised for their work? But damn, showing appreciation is a lot harder than it sounds! Even small gestures can make a big difference, especially in the early stages of onboarding and engagement. 

Mavericks’ medicine

Our consultants have the freedom to choose where, how and how much they work, because they know best how to do their bestest job. It is an absolute privilege to pave their way for ambitiously seeking growth opportunities and expanding their portfolios.

At Mavericks, every aspect of the business is communicated openly. This way everyone shares an understanding of our business and can give valuable insight to how to improve as a company. Or at least know how we are doing and where we are headed. To bring the stars under one roof, we organise a team meeting once a month to exchange ideas outside the office.

To thank our employees we share the great feedback that they get from customers for everybody to see and celebrate our colleagues’ great work together. Voluntary Mafterworks and company dinners also play a role here, they are for both  showing our gratitude for our employees and having a great time together.


Mavericks is the go-to software consultancy for the top of their field software professionals who want to get the best of two worlds: The salary level and freedom of a freelancer and the safety net and sales machinery of a consultancy. We are constantly looking for new team members – are you the next Maverick?