why mavericks joined witted

Why Mavericks joined Witted Group

In case someone missed it: Mavericks, Talented and New Things Co joined forces to become Witted in September 2021. Talented was already our majority owner and we’ve had close collaboration from the get go so what changed now? Nothing and everything.

The parent company split into two companies: the software company Witted Megacorp and the recruiting company Talented Growth. Mavericks and New Things Co stay as is – separate companies with strong individual identities and value propositions for their employees. In that sense nothing has changed from Mavericks’s perspective. What did change in the background is that now we all share 100% the same ownership. That enables us to collaborate and synergize in a level that we couldn’t before.

Now we all, as Witted group, are exploring the possibility to apply for NASDAQ First North Growth Market Finland Marketplace. That could really take our ballgame to the next level. Here’s why we’re doing this as Mavericks:

All Witted companies share the same mission: We want to build the best workplaces. Of course different people want different things but we honestly believe that Mavericks is the best place to be a software consultant for our own niche. With synergies between the Witted companies we can each strengthen our unique value propositions.

Our dream of possible NASDAQ First North listing would be real fuel for our growth in terms of both publicity and equity. Ever increasing growth would enable us to change to worklife of even more software professionals for the better – both domestic and international.

Witted will most definitely help us land projects that we couldn’t access otherwise, be it joint efforts between companies of the group or awesome international opportunities. We already have projects in three continents but we’re definitely hungry for more! A constant stream of interesting project opportunities is the best way to ensure our consultants thrive.

Last but not least, we see Witted and especially the possibility of listing to NASDAQ First North the perfect next chapter in our bold quest to change the world. Mavericks has done things boldly and differently from the beginning, and so will Witted.


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