Be an open book – If you are eager to keep your talents

Have you noticed that many employees have changed their job recently? Worry not, they’re in good hands with us! 😉 As we have highlighted transparency as our core value on our new website, we are eager to reveal how transparency is integrated into our business. 

Share results and confront failures

If companies do not tell the facts, people’s imaginations take them to far worse scenarios. 

Communicating every aspect of the business, such as business financials and strategy, openly was an obvious move for us. Transparency has gained three precious benefits:

  • shared understanding provides a basis for understanding all decisions made in the company
  • everyone shares an understanding of our business and can give valuable insight into how to improve as a company
  • people are willing to go the extra mile for gaining something greater when they see (and understand!) the effects of their actions on the business’s performance

When business is more profitable than employees have expected, we use the opportunity to point out all actions that have led us to this position and what investment we can make in the future. Should our financial figures have been lower than expected, we analyze the root causes and our further tactics to improve the situation. Therefore, transparency naturally keeps our operations future-oriented. 

Sharing failures shows strength. Bringing forth also failures help our employees understand that we recognize the reality and do not have our heads in the clouds. 

Live and breathe the future

As being realistic in financial matters, we still think big, and we’re ready to invest. We’ve always had very ambitious goals and are constantly experimenting new ways to achieve them. Our employees share this hunger. One of our high-level priorities is to communicate to employees what they’re working toward. We have seen that future-oriented transparency has engaged people and strengthened retention. 

Stay open to people’s opinions

As already mentioned, communication is a crucial part of our transparency. As communication is an interactive process, we encourage people to share their thoughts about everything. We have received awesome ideas from potential customers to whole new business models by just giving a time and place for openness. In our experience, being an owner of an idea leads to taking more responsibility and happier employees.

Reveal your compensation model

Every company has a different comfort level when talking about money. We are one of the most rebellious in the industry in regard to this matter. When meeting potential clients, we’ll tell them that the majority of what they’ll pay Mavericks goes straight to the consultants. The average salary of Mavericks’ software consultant is about 7200 euros per month, which is well above the market average. We use a commission pay model, meaning we spend 70 to 75 % of what she/he brings into the house directly in paying salary. We spend money only on things relevant to our consultants and our customers. We have won many cases just by being honest about what clients pay for and attracted the best talents by introducing our compensation model. 

Hire like-minded people

Hire people who are excited about your approach to be transparent and feel comfortable speaking about money, success and failure. Most importantly we hire people who believe in themselves. We communicate our approaches early in the recruiting process and make sure our style resonates with candidates. We either win together, or we lose together, so it’s better to share the growth path with like-minded colleagues.


Mavericks is the go-to software consultancy for the top of their field software professionals who want to get the best of two worlds: The salary level and freedom of a freelancer and the safety net and sales machinery of a consultancy. We are constantly looking for new team members – are you the next Maverick?