The Faces of Mavericks: Kamil Janowski

Kamil is a fencer and a malware trickster who joined Mavericks to gain the benefits of freelancing along with the safety net of employment. He has an international background having worked in Poland, France and Finland. Having already worked with the superstars of F-secure, moving to a consultancy was a step forward in learning and widening his role towards architecture. Read more about Kamil’s journey below.

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What is your professional background in your own words? How did you end up being the professional you are now?

I hold two bachelor degrees and a master’s in IT. I have worked as a full stack developer and backend developer in Poland, France and Finland. I mostly work with Java and JavaScript, but I also have vast experience with AWS. My recently written master degree thesis also required me to explore the Google Cloud Platform and Azure in-depth, including resource management, deployment strategies and various architectural patterns common to these platforms.

Working for F-secure, in particular, was an eye-opener in terms of writing the high quality highly scalable code. Nowhere else have I met so many so talented people in one place.

What are your best skills and abilities? Soft and tech.

I enjoy coding and doing all sorts of DevOps work and I reckon I’m pretty good at it too. Most of my professional experience comes from coding Java (spring, spring boot, spring cloud, hibernate, lombok etc.), but during the recent years, I have also done a lot of development with JavaScript for the backend, frontend (node.js, express.js, angularjs, angular, react, redux) as well as for all sorts of DevOps related purposes as all cloud platforms provide comprehensive libraries for Node.js.

For soft skills, I enjoy helping others learn. I used to spend a lot of time teaching junior developers and I was also a teacher at Sofware Development Academy for a while.

Could you tell us something about yourself as a person?

Although it may sound boring, outside of work I still quite often code. 😛 Those are usually small things for myself, like a small malware allowing me to take the control over another computer remotely, automatically find all hard-coded passwords on Github, or a lambda that sends a text message to a phone number of my choice once every minute just to annoy them. Other than that I like playing on my PlayStation or Oculus Quest, skiing and recently I took up a fencing course.

Why did you join Mavericks and how is it treating you?

While I managed to learn really a lot working for F-secure, I found myself in a somewhat stagnant position. As a senior developer there wasn’t much higher I could get. I could only try to apply for the position of an architect, but there are very few of those and it could potentially take years before one of these gets freed. That was a moment I decided that the only legitimate next step in my career was to try moving to consultancy.

I was first considering working with my own freelancing business through Talented, but I was worried about working without any safety nets around me. In the end, I’m a foreigner here and should I ever face any troubles related to finding a project, there isn’t anyone around I could ask for help.

Then Talented suggested that I could take a look at Mavericks – a small startup consultancy that was demerging from Talented at the time that did provide those safety nets while maintaining some of the benefits of working as a freelancer.

I had never worked for a startup before and I had no idea about working in the consultancy business. Mavericks sounded like the best choice and so far I haven’t regretted joining.

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