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The Faces of Mavericks: Aleksei Glazyrin

Aleksei is an experienced Android developer who enjoys team leading and photography. He’s also curious to try out new things, like Mavericks and woodwork!

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What is your professional background?

I have two degrees, one from the St.Petersburg Polytechnic University where I studied software development in general and another one from the Mikkeli University of Applied sciences.

I started my career working as a trainee in a small Finnish company. I was given really big shoes to fill as I worked on a large project on my own. In that project, we were building an app for forest industry workers and back then people weren’t accustomed to smart phones and using mobile apps. I had the chance to think about the UX side of the application, too, which was really exciting.

I then joined a startup and worked with a great team to complete an app that streams yoga. After that I got the chance to work with a group of ex-Nokians and really internalised how processing should be done in software development.

Now that I joined Mavericks, I’m working in a consultancy for the first time!

What are your best skills and abilities, both soft and tech?

My superpower is Android programming. I feel that I know my way around developing software as a single dev and in a team, and hope that I am as good of a team player as I think I am. In general, I like software architecture and writing testable and maintainable code.

I’m interested in leading a team and mentoring junior developers and reckon I have quite good communication skills. I also like to work with skilled people across know-how domains because then you get to learn a lot from people with completely different roles or even people from completely different industries.

Could you tell us something about yourself as a person?

I’m a positive guy who likes jokes. I’m honest and responsible, no joke. ūüėČ I also like movies and reading good books, and I play Airsoft.

I am also a photographer with a taste for nature photography. Sometimes I pack my backpack with a tent and go walking in the forest with my wife and friends. It’s refreshing after spending so much time in the office. That’s probably why I enjoy nature and landscape photography too.

One more thing to mention is that I’m curious to try out new things, and I recently started woodworking! Here’s a proof:

What got you interested in Mavericks and how is it treating you?

I decided to try consulting as it became boring to just be in one company – especially in the world of mobile development staying in one company can mean that you rarely switch technologies or get to work with different people, projects or domains. I wanted to hear more about Mavericks and met with Jouni. I really liked his openness about everything.

Mavericks’ culture is also something that I like very much. We can pick our own projects based on our personal preferences and interests, and we all have the same earning model and get to see all the business numbers. I think it’s an honest way of doing business.

As we all work onsite at the customer, it’s nice that we meet once a month for an afterwork to get to know everyone, but joining the afterwork isn’t mandatory. I like the flexibility.

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