mavericks sets focus on turku

Mavericks sets focus on Turku

Mavericks has been growing steadily outside the capital region lately, but now we are officially established in Turku! Our office is a penthouse by Aurajoki, and we share it within our Witted group. Our first Turku-based software consultant joined us already in October 2020 and currently we have five consultants in the Turku area. We are certainly ready to win over more hearts in Turku!

What’s in it for Turku-based developers?

Mavericks is not a Helsinki-centred company. Firstly, our compensation model is the same for everyone: all our consultants’ salaries are based on the revenue they bring in. Not location, gender nor any other secondary factor affects one’s salary. We think it’s fair and square. Our consultants’ average monthly salary is 7200€. That is a very competitive amount anywhere in Finland.

Secondly, we don’t treat people outside the capitol area as satellites. We have no compulsory company events in Helsinki. When we arrange fun stuff we try to make that as accessible for everyone as possible.

Thirdly, we offer a wide range of projects, both domestic and international, and our business is growing by the day! Naturally most of our domestic customers have headquarters in the Helsinki region, but as long as you are willing to visit Helsinki once a week it should be enough for most projects even after the pandemic.

Mavericks is known for the freedom it gives to employees. Our employer value promotion is to give our employees the income level and freedom of a software freelancer. So, as long as your customer project goes well, we offer you a remarkable amount of freedom in return: Choose how, where and how much you work.

Why Turku?

After talking with our consultants that live further away from Helsinki, we realised that Mavericks’ offering would work really well elsewhere, too. As a company we are quite virtual anyways – majority of our consultants work very independently and our office is used more for socialising than working. Of course we offer the premises for working but most of our consultants usually work from home or at customer premises when the situation allows.

We also believe that the covid pandemic has permanently changed how people work. Before the pandemic we could say that in general the customers expected the consultants to work 3-4 days per week on-site. Now we believe that the new normal will require max 1 day per week on-site work. That would really change the fact how relevant it is to live close to the customer.


Software professionals in Turku deserve a new option to consider as a potential employer. We believe that Mavericks can offer something fresh, competitive and fair for the region, and we would be excited to get a lot more Turku techies onboard. You can check our open job opportunities here!

*Photo by Visit Turku, Tim Bird

Mavericks is the go-to software consultancy for the top of their field software professionals who want to get the best of two worlds: The salary level and freedom of a freelancer and the safety net and sales machinery of a consultancy. We are constantly looking for new team members – are you the next Maverick?