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The Faces of Mavericks: Emma Granlund

Emma is a top-notch Business Consultant with passion for entrepreneurship, numbers and chili. Utilizing her experience in auditing and financial advisory services, she helps Mavericks’ customers to develop their business and operational environment. When the opportunity to join Mavericks arose, it was an easy decision for Emma, who enjoys project-based work in an international environment and values autonomy in her work.

How would you describe your professional background? 

I majored in accounting, corporate law and economics at Hanken School of Economics, and was fascinated by mergers and acquisitions. My professor recommended that I should begin my career in auditing and that’s what I did. I went to work for EY. It was a great springboard for my career as I got to work with small to publicly listed companies from various industries and countries from day one. It was very interesting to see all kinds of businesses and analyze their financial processes. It taught me a lot. At EY I also worked for a mentoring program for Finnish startups founded by women.

When it was time for me to move on, I got an opportunity at Deloitte in their Financial Advisory Services. I worked there as a Senior Analyst and got to dive deeper into customers’ businesses behind financial numbers.  The pace was quite furious and after a while I started to think about what else I would like to do. I wanted to learn about marketing, and so I became the Project Manager in a small management consulting company’s marketing team. I had close to zero marketing knowhow, so the learning curve was again very steep. I learned tons about how a creative idea is delivered to the customer. Then a funny thing happened. We had a branding project for a Finnish health tech startup, and I felt drawn to the industry. There’s so much potential and all the possible ways to offer health care services are still yet to be found. Long story short, I soon became the Operations Manager of that company.

Last year I got a tip from Talented that there would be an interesting opportunity to work in the education field with a top of its class product. I wasn’t quite ready to start a business of my own, so I was told about Mavericks and that offered me (and the customer) a good fit. Autonomy was also very incorporated into Mavericks’ values which made my decision even easier.

What are your best skills and abilities? Soft and business.

I am motivated when I get to interact directly with customers and other stakeholders. Even though my professional background is mostly described as analyzing numbers, it has always also included talking to people and listening to them, which has been utmost important. Awareness of prevailing situations with number crunching helps me to make data-driven decisions. I’m also quite familiar with corporate governance which is an asset in stakeholder management.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Dancing has always been present in my life and now  I practice ballet. Doing sports keeps me sane and occasional padel, CrossFit, long walks, windsurfing, and what not also helps to let off steam.

Every three years I do something to juice the adrenaline flow and the next big adventure is crossing the Atlantic with a sailboat next spring. In addition to these, I enjoy hanging out with friends and cooking with my partner. We love spicy food and have a large box dedicated only for chili sauces.

Something that’s close to my heart is volunteering. Entrepreneurship has been an interest of mine for many years, so volunteering at Women’s Bank has been rewarding. If you’re not familiar with Women’s Bank, they support women’s sustainable entrepreneurship and livelihood in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

What got you interested in Mavericks?

Firstly, the autonomy and freedom that Mavericks offers. I’ve got to praise the fast, easy and transparent recruitment process, too.

Now that I’ve worked here for a while already, I really appreciate the truly transparent organizational communication and the group of people that further develop the company. Our consultants’ wellbeing and the ease of working are in the spotlight. Kudos to all of the “back office” team, you know who you are! <3


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