new gear

Leveling up!

We are growing and have now entered stage 3 in our game plan. In other words, we are now level 3 Mavericks. What were the previous levels? Let’s recap!

Level 1 (9/2018 – 6/2019) – Growing a team of consultants within Talented ecosystem until we are self-sufficient .

Level 2 – (7/2019 – 4/2020) – Operate as an independent company. Grow through collaboration until we are 20 or so.

Level 3 for us means starting our own active sales phase. We entered that stage this month when Sami Willberg started as our sales lead. That means we’ve doubled our backoffice staff from 1 to 2 now, a giant thing for us! We are very, very excited to hit a higher gear and with Sami on board we’ll definitely accelerate. Talking about acceleration, we’ve been quite busy taking over the world! Check this out:

2/2019:  1st consultant started

12/2019: 10 consultants, 1 back office

5/2020: 20 consultants, 2 back office

So, we’ve doubled our headcount this year already. Turnover scales up accordingly. Coronavirus is definitely trying to slow us down but so far we’ve been successful in the market, managing to keep on growing and starting new projects when many businesses have been struggling. Maybe that’s part luck, but mostly it’s due to our awesome consultants doing excellent jobs in their projects. Our extremely attractive offering to top talent doesn’t hurt recruitment either.

Looks like we’re on the right track here! We have happy consultants, happy customers and a healthy business here. Excited to see where we are at the end of this year!

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